Got a Stump Problem?

Got a Stump Problem?

We’ll get to the bottom of it in Cowarts, AL

Besides the pesky tree stump smack in the middle of it, your Cowarts, AL yard is a perfect expanse of lush green grass. You let go of the tree years ago, and now it’s time to get rid of the stump. Complete Tree Service offers stump grinding services to remove your stump quickly and safely. We’ll grind the stump and then remove the leftover bark and debris, leaving behind no evidence that a tree once stood there.

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4 reasons to get rid of the stump in your yard

Tired of that stump? Here are a few good reasons to get rid of it:

  1. It’s attracting burrowing insects
  2. It negatively affects your curb appeal
  3. It gets in the way of mowing and trimming
  4. it’s a hazard to visitors

Count on Complete Tree Service to remove every bit of your tree stump.