Brush Aside the Foliage and Scrub

Brush Aside the Foliage and Scrub

Clear space for your next construction project with lot clearing in Cowarts, AL

There’s a plot of land behind your Cowarts, AL home that’s been untouched for years. Not only is it an eyesore in its natural state, there are so many potential uses for it. You could build a guest house, a workshop or even install a gazebo and garden.

You can count on Complete Tree Service to remove the foliage and trees from your lot. Whether you want it thinned out for improved visibility or completely cleared to make way for a construction project, you can leave it to us to get the job done.

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3 reasons to clear a lot

Your property has built-in potential. Here are a few reasons to clear it of foliage:

  1. Make room for a new construction project
  2. Get rid of dead and dying foliage
  3. Install a pool or plant a garden