Your Tree Has Fallen and It Won’t Get Up!

Your Tree Has Fallen and It Won’t Get Up!

We’ll help you clean up after an accident or storm in Cowarts, AL

Your home braved the storm, but you can’t say as much for some of your trees. There are broken branches everywhere, some scattered across your Cowarts, AL yard and others still hanging on to their tree hosts for dear life. Complete Tree Service can help you clean up after a devastating storm. Whether you have a simple problem, like tree debris in your driveway —or a major issue, such as a tree that’s fallen onto your garage —we can help you take care of the mess.

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Devastating storm damage

Storms can wreak havoc on your home and the trees around it. We can assist you if you’re facing any of the following problems:

  • A tree has been struck by lightning
  • A tree has been uprooted
  • Tree branches are broken
  • Debris from your tree has made a mess of your lawn

Choose Complete Tree Service today to help you clean up after a damaging storm.