Tree Trimming

We’ll help you keep your tree under control.

 Emergency Services

Get assistance with your trees after a damaging storm.

Lot Clearing

We’ll make way for your next project.

 Stump Grinding

Get rid of that pesky stump for good.

Make Like a Tree and Leave the Trimming to Us

Make Like a Tree and Leave the Trimming to Us

Hire professionals to maintain or remove your trees in Cowarts and Dothan AL

You have a few trees in your yard that need to go. One is buckling your sidewalk, and the other is threatening to break into your sewer line. Tree removal is serious business, and you should call a professional to fell your tree and remove it from your property. Complete Tree Service in Cowarts, AL has the services you need to trim, remove or assess diseased and dying trees on your property in the Tri-State area. You can count on us to manage them safely and effectively.

Call 334-671-8226 immediately for emergency services!

Take care of your trees

Whether you want to get rid of a tree or trim one so that it complements the appearance of your yard, we have the means to get the job done. Our services include:

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We’ll give your trees some TLC

Complete Tree Services is a family-owned and operated tree care business backed by three generations of tree removal and maintenance experts. We are dedicated to providing tree services to the home and business owners of Cowarts and Dothan, AL at competitive prices. We accept many forms of payment, but we won’t collect a dime until we have completed the work to your satisfaction.

Contact us to schedule a time for a free estimate, and we’ll assess what needs to be done with the tree or trees on your lot. We’ll give you recommendations and an estimate on the spot. We’ll then schedule a date and time for the service and use our own equipment to do the work.

Call Complete Tree Service today to get help from our tree care experts serving Cowarts, Dothan, and the Tri-State area.

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